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About Bhutan
Bhutan is a small country known as the land of the Thunder Dragon. The religion of this country is Buddhist . Bhutan is landlocked country located  in the south Asia with less population .Now it has become one of the most exotic destinations for international travelers. This purely Buddhist Himalayas kingdom is unsurpassed in its scenic majesty culture. Bhutan is rich in natural environment and the pure Buddhism makes the unique conception in the world. A tour of Bhutan will surely bring you to a great experience,  joyful, happy, excited, uniqueness  and tranquil environment.

Bhutan is marked by raw natural beauty where the dense foliage changes dramatically as the sub tropical jungles at sea level merge into a fertile temperate zone and rise up to the great northern snowy rivers. It is no surprised that the main goal in life for the Bhutanese people is happiness. Even the mandate of the modern Bhutanese state is Gross National Happiness. In translation, this means that economic development, a goal for much of humanity, is only a means to the real goal of happiness.

The kingdom of Bhutan today may be man’s last unventured destination. That is how the Bhutanese people would like to keep it. Thus the carefully controlled tourism policy of the Bhutanese government that says, in essence: take nothing but picture, leave nothing but footsteps.

                  About Bhutan

1. Population:                   697,335.
2. Currency:                      Ngultrum
3. Time:                            Six hours ahead of GMT.
4. Language:                     Dzongkha (national language)
                                            English (widely spoken)
5. People:                          Sharchop in the east, Ngalong in the west, Lhotshampa in the south, There are    a number of smaller groups such as the Bumthaps in Bumthang, Mangduep in the center, Layap in the north-west, Brokpa in the north-east and Doyap in the south-west.
6. Dress:                            Bhutanese people wear Gho, and women wear Kira.
7. Sports:                           The national sport is Archery.
8. Architecture:                  It is unique can be found richly dzongs and temples.
9. Arts and crafts:               Painting carving, sculpture, carpentry, woodturning, gold, silver and black smiting, cane and bamboo work, weaving, needlework, bronze casting, pottery, masonry, and paper making.
10.  Economy:                   Export of hydropower and tourism are the biggest revenue earners for Bhutan .70 %people are depended on farming.
11.  Media:                       Bhutan has 11 newspapers, one state –owned television channel and six radio          station .The media was privatized in 2006.