About Tibet
Tibet is located between the civilization of China and India, separated from the former by the extensive Himalayas mountaineers ranges to the east Tibet. Tibet has been recorded is particularly focused on the history of Buddhism in Tibet Here, Mangol and Manchu cultures .The country were Buddhist monks. Tibet is nick name “the roof of the top world or rich lands of snows.”In Tibet geography the land structure is mountains, hill and plain plateau. In Tibet humans inhabited at least thirty one thousand years ago. This population was hugely replaced around three thousand B P by Neolithic immigrants from northern side of China. However there is s particular continuity between the Neolithic inhabitants and the contemporary Tibetan population. Some archeological data base suggests human being may have passed through Tibet at the time inhabited half a million years ago.

                     The history of Potala palace.
The Dalai Lama initiated the construction of this palace in Lasha and moved the centre of government there from Drepung . The death of the fifth Dalai Lama in 1680 was kept hidden for fifteen years by his assistant confidant Desi Sangay Gyatso. During the rule two Jesuit missionaries the German Johannes Gruber and Belgian Albert Doraville Stayed in Lasha for two months .They described the Dalai Lama powerful and compassionate leader. The explained  God – the –father , in  the late 17th century,Tibet entered into a dispute with Bhutan , which was supported by Ladakh.
The suitable climate is that for tourist for travel.
In Tibet the climate are very much different in different places in Tibet. Generally, the mostly best time for travel in Tibet between April and October and pick season is from start May to September. The best months are May, June, September and Octtober. The July and August are rainy months. The climate of southeastern is gently temperate with the average of 8 degree. In western Tibet the average temperature is bellow 0 degree. In Lasha and the central place of Tibet the climate is normal rather other places. The climate is so nice for travelers visitors wouldn’t feel cool in winter or hot in summer. The March to October the best one seasons for travel, rainy is may be September, Usually it rainy in Lasha,  Shigatse and  Chamdo area at night .Sunlight is Lasha so strong that the city is called Sunlight city.