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Introduction to Taktsang :
It is one of the most world wide travel and trekking company or office.It was setup in 2015 A.D in Nepal by experience tour operator person of Bhutan ,Tibet and Nepal  .This company is located in Thamel (Saat Gumti first mode). Mainly these are the purpose setup the activities travel and trekking In Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet .Here, Taktsang is a well-known temple which is located in hill. It is a popular culture heritage holy temple and major tourists destination place in Bhutan .

The temple is located in the cliff side of the upper Paro valley in Bhutan .This is also known as the Tiger's nest. The taktsang company includes all the activities of travel and trekking in different places of Nepal , Bhutan and Tibet.  Founding father of this organizations is Mr. Ram Hari Sapkota. Specially it includes all the activities of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet which gives a lot of joy and fun to tourists. Activities, Adventure, Trekking, Tour and travel, Rafting, Bird watching in Nepal and Bhutan, Flora and funna In Bhutan, Paragliding in Nepal, Mountain flight in Nepal, Helipad  tour in Nepal etc.